Commercial Horticulture

January 12 & 13, 2021

Join us for the 15th Annual Middle Tennessee Landscape Management Short Course January 12-13, 2021. This event will be virtual and is coordinated by UT and TSU specialists and agents as well as professionals in their respective fields, dedicated to improving the educational opportunities for green industry professionals. Attendees will learn up-to-date research and industry information as well as earn points towards respective certifications. Registration fee is $100/person for both days & can be paid online or by check. Each person must register individually or they will not receive credit for attending!

What is a certified, private, commercial and/or licensed pesticide applicator?

  • certified pesticide applicator is one who purchases and/or uses or supervises the use of a restricted-use pesticide.
  • private applicator is one who purchases and/or uses or supervises the use of a restricted-use pesticide on their own property or anyone else’s property as long as they do it without direct compensation for their services. These include farmers, greenhouse and nursery operators.
  • commercial applicator is an individual who purchases and/or uses or supervise the use of restricted-use pesticides, who do not fall under the definition of a private applicator.
  • licensed pest control operator is an individual engaged in commercial pest control with a chartered company that charges a fee for their services or engaged in pest control with a non-chartered company or establishment, such as, a food processing plant, prison or school.

For more information visit the UT Extension’s Pesticide Safety Education program website or contact Jeffrey Hester at the Sumner County Extension office.